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Letter of Credit

Do smarter business and increase the level of comfort with the companies you work with. We understand that for expanding your business, you may need to deal with unfamiliar suppliers. Your suppliers shall require assurance of payments in return. With our Letter of Credit (LC) service, we can provide payment assurance on your behalf to your supplier so that your business is up and running.

Documents Required

Below stated are the documents required to obtain a Letter of Credit:

  • Bill of Exchange
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Health and Insurance certificates – Original
  • Buyer’s Financial Documents
  • Packing, Shipping and Transport Documents
  • Landing airway bills, cargo receipts, etc.
  • Related Commercial documents – Certificate of Inception
  • Official Documents required by buyer’s/seller’s country

Common Questions

Letter of credit is required for the long-distance, international and domestic transaction to help reduce the risk of non-payment of the goods.
We require a Fixed deposit as a collateral for opening a Letter of Credit or collateral depending on the strength of your finances.
The size depends on the complexity of the transaction; the goods that are being traded; parties to the transactions and where they take place.
We can open letters of credit for any type of goods provided they fall into our ethical and legal criteria.
Yes. We offer both revocable & irrevocable LC as per our customer's request.

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